Fees & Costs

Mitchell & Batchelder, LLP generally charges on an hourly basis. We bill for all the time we spend working on your case. We believe hourly billing is fair both to the attorneys and to our clients. At this time, the hourly fee for Kenneth Mitchell is $365, and the hourly fee for Philip Batchelder is $350. Our fee for paralegal services is $150 per hour. Paralegals often draft standard documents under the direction of the attorneys, which reduces the cost to clients.

For some matters, we are able to charge a flat fee that we know from prior experience is reasonable. For some others, such as probate administration, standard fees are set by California law as a percentage of the fair-market value of the estate.

We'll discuss the likely range of charges for your legal matter. As each case is different, a precise estimate is rarely possible. Nonetheless, we will try to let you know what you can expect --- and we'll do so candidly and up-front. We usually require a retainer paid at the first meeting to cover the cost of the initial work.